Live the Whole Life!

Live the Whole Life!


Welcome to Live the Whole Life! 

It is a freeing moment when you just decide to go for it!  I have always wanted to be an editor.  I even worked at a publishing company years ago in New Jersey.  Then life happens and instead of publishing a magazine in New York city I was car pooling kids to school and activities.  I started a business and have been doing the same work for over twenty five years.   Not that I am not grateful for my work and life but it is time to dust off the old and jump into something new.  If I dare to dream again what would that look like?

With kids grown and responsibilities changed, I can turn the page and end one chapter and begin a new one.  There are probably a hundred reasons to find not to do this.  What if I fail?  What if I make a fool of myself?  What if I am not qualified?  And what if I do and have the time of my life!  Heart beat again!

It seems like lately there is one news story after another about people passing away in there 60s and even 50s.  Wait that could be me!   If we knew we only had six or eight years left on this planet what would we want to do. What would make us happy.  If we are not doing that thing, then what is stopping us!   There was an awesome post on Facebook of Steve Harvey on You Tube called  “Jump”   It is worth taking the time to listen and watch the video.

This is a “Jump” moment for me.  I am so happy to invite you to join me on this journey.  I would like to work on a new definition for “retirement.”  Webster gives a simple definition of retirement as “the act of ending your working or professional career : the act of retiring”   I would like to change that definition to “the act of changing your work or professional career to create and fulfill ones dreams, living the whole life!

How do you define “retirement?”   I welcome your comments below.

Thank you for reading my first blog.  Happy Independence Day!

Respectfully submitted,

Mary J. Williams, Editor-in-chief



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